ARCHIVES -> September, 2002

9/17/02 - something venti
Second show at Michael's last night. Great food. There were some technical difficulties with the sound but the band played on. With that behind us, King Wilkie lays low for a few. Up soon is a new round of rehearsals to continue work on new original material and other songs for the upcoming recording sessions, which are slated to take place later in the winter, but who really knows?

9/13/02 - ain't no part of nothin'

Our show at Durty Nelly's tonight was fun. We did quite a few Monroe tunes in honor of the man's birthday. The crowd was great and we saw a lot of new faces.

9/12/02 - cleans with the power of liquid lightning
Well, the word is that our new full-time banjo player is going to be North Carolinian Abe Spear. Abe played with us a good deal over the summer but then returned to college in east Tennessee Apparently he's decided this is what he wants to do, and we won't argue..... Abe is one hard-driving banjo fact his machine gun style banjo has been known to kill people...and so his return to King Wilkie will bring a lot to the band. He's going to join us in October for IBMA and again in December for our little trip to New England.

9/06/02 - Yes sir, real sheepskin.
Today started as the band drove to Farmville, VA and to the legendary WFLO radio studio. This station has been around since 1954, and its broadcaster Henry Fulcher is credited as having the first bluegrass program in the country! He's been doing bluegrass on WFLO since 1956 and has had Flatt & Scruggs, the Stanley Brothers, and a host of others on the station. We played through the same old mic that those guys all used! Henry was a close friend to Don Reno and Benny Martin, so you can imagine the stories he had to tell. After the radio program we went over to Charlie's on the Appomatox River to set up for our p.m. show.