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5/15/03 - 20,000 miles
Well we've racked up 20,000 miles on our new van in just 6 months. Not bad! Last weekend it was back to beautiful Ohio.

5/10/03 - so, you're a road warrior?
Lots of exciting stuff going on. The King Wilkie show at Tower Hill School in Wilmington Delaware was outstanding. Some fine facilities there at Tower Hill, an amazing auditorium----lunch in the caffateria was great too. None of us had had jello in the longest time. An added surprise came after the show when Abe got asked to the prom.

Its birthday time for Mr. R. Reid Burgess. Last night's show at Michael's Bistro was fun...thanks to all in attendance. Funny story: a couple nights ago at our local watering hole Miller's, a lovely little girl named Gretchen convinced John and Abe to get up and participate in open mic. Of course they had no instruments. They sent her off to see if she could find some guitars to borrow. They end up getting up there with John on some flourescent yellow, Steve Vai model Ibanez electric and Abe on a cherry red imitation Stratocaster. So they're up there, playing electric guitar and singing. Abe singing lead and John sang tenor. Stuff like "Dark Hollow," "Love of the Mountains," "Moonshiner," "Travelin' Down this Lonesome Road," and a little hot pickin' on "Bill Cheatham." It was hilarious. Just too much, really. Wish there were photos to show.