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Short tour of Kentucky & Tennessee begins today. Come out and see us if you can. Back on 9/1. Stay strong.

8/23/03 - weapons of grass destruction
With temperatures soaring here in Charlottesville, the show at Miller's last night was like taking a bath in a bar. It was hot. Drew's first official King Wilkie show and he stuck it good, despite traveling all the way from Nashville on the same day and barely having rehersed any of the songs. Drew's first order of business upon arrival was to shave his beard...

8/20/03 - in good

8/13/03 - World Tour 2003
Well with our new digital camera either lost or stolen I will resort to stupid stuff like this. A good meeting yesterday in "the vault" with Rebel Records president Dave Freeman. We listened to some priceless old 78 recordings nobody's heard in years. Could be good stuff for the album, and this material might oust some of the songs that are still holding on by a string.

"the List" has shrunk down to less than 20 songs, with a few 'alternates' still slipping in and out of rotation, as their merits are debated by the band, Bob, and others.

8/8/03 - Pavane for a dead princess
Vacation is over and today continued the intensive "process of weeding out" songs to record. I would say that about 15 songs have gotten the axe, with another 10 or so on thin ice...also, several tracks seem to be emerging as definites, receiving extra special attention and re-work. Things are looking good for tomorrow's meeting with producer Bob C.