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10/31/03 - HAPPY HALLOWEEN! these photos came from Karl and Eliza Minster, fans from New York.

Back from Charles City, VA (what some call Tidewater Virginia) where we played a short show and had a chance to survey some of the damage caused by last month's Hurricane Isabelle. The devastating damage is still very evident near the coast. Governer Mark Warner was present and gave a riveting speech using our microphone. Apparently he's a big bluegrass fan.

10/12/03 - i may not have hair on my chest, but i do have a heart
State Theater- Falls Church, Virginia. Sponsored by the DC Bluegrass Union....thanks to Ken, Sarah, and everybody else involved. This was a really fun show.

10/5/03 - micropinkey
IBMA 2003 is now over and finally we can sleep. While in louisville we celebrated John McDonald's 25th birthday. Happy birthday Johnny Mac.