ARCHIVES -> November, 2003

This coming monday the band enters the studio to record the album. It should all be over in a couple of days. No pre-production work over the weekend. Mind-clearing housecleaning work and grocery shopping instead. A happy Thanksgiving to all!

11/23/03 - weekend at bernie's
what a crazy tour that was. started up in western new york where we saw our first snowlakes of 2003. we made our way into massachusetts where we visited with the caouette family who build banjos and they're making one for abe. they were real nice to us. other highlights include our shows in Boston and Geneseo. Thanks to all who came out and helped promote the shows.

11/13/03 - meet me in the bathroom
Some changes have been made here at you like. More additions/alterations to come. Today the band packs their suitcases and hits the road for a little northeastern tour. should be a fun one.

Had a wonderful time playing to the hometown at Miller's last night. Everyone had a great evening even though the set was curtailed a little as the setlist was a little difficult to read on stage and people kept reading the songs in the wrong order.

11/07/03 - bushwood.....a dump?!
Harrisonburg, VA Court Square Theater

11/04/03 - champaign wishes and caviar dreams
Had a good meeting with producer Bob Carlin last weekend after a wild halloween show in Winston Salem. Some last minute changes were made on the songs for the album. Recording begins in less than one month!