well, its been a long time coming and we now have a tentative release date for the new CD: April, 20 2004. Now, "tentative" means that this date is subject to revision. However, the date won't likely move around too much. Below are some pictures sent to us by Joe Gioia of Chicago. By the way, the last little trip we took to the midwest was great, good shows, good food, good company. We wish we could have spent more time in every place. Bye to our old friends and all the new friends we made...everybody had a great time, thanks for having us.

1/25/04 - window to the world
When driving through Indiana, one of the roof-top boxes on the van flew open and we lost some luggage. We doubled back, about 5 miles, in pursuit of the missing bag (Nick's was the only one missing.) We'd almost given up hope when we came upon the bag, which had been tattered and had the zipper broken. Lucky day for you Nick!

1/23/04 - Happy Birthday Nick Reeb
Today we celebrate the birth of fiddler Nick Reeb. Being in Milwaukee, we celebrated with an afternoon beer and then presented Nick with a birthday cake (dutch chocolate.) In the evening we played a show at Chicago's The Hideout and the good people at the venue presented Nick with another cake.

1/19/04 - a cold evening
Due to heavy snow all movement has temporarily ceased here in Thomas, WV. It won't matter too much since our van keys found themselves in the pocket of somebody en route to Ohio and we're stuck back here on top of this snowy mountain. This morning Ted and Reid hitched a ride to a local chevy dealer 17 miles from the B&B where we're staying and got several sets of new keys made. Good idea, and we should be rolling again shortly...
NOTE: Photographs below are smaller than normal. Click on images to view fullsize!

1/11/04 - shot thru the heart
Good turnout at Miller's last Saturday despite the sub-zero temperatures here in Charlottesville. It was King WIlkie's first show in nearly four weeks and it was a celebration of sorts.

1/7/04 - mix day 2
finished mixing the rest of the album. Everything is coming to life and the tapes are ready to be shipped to Colorado for mastering this weekend. Reid was highly focused and drinking an insane amount of coca cola throughout the day, but came out of the studio a happy man.

1/6/04 - mixing day 1
On the first day we basically met with Wes our "mix guru", and had a long conversation about the basic sound of the album. Then we listened to a couple of different records and got to work on the initial sounds and settings before moving the faders. At the end of the evening we have 2 and a half songs finished.