4/30/04 - early bird
Today the band was on the road well before sun up and caught a morning flight to San Francisco. Everyone and their instruments arrived safely and is now catching up on rest. California is beautiful!

4/26/04 - the long and winding road
Chicago concert was excellent. Later during the long van ride home, Nick reached a new level of boredom and decided to create his own crossword puzzle.

4/24/04 -
Shows in Milwaukee and Madison went nicely. The venue in Madison was a very intimate blackbox movie theatre that once was part of the stage of the mighty Orpheum Theatre. In Milwaukee the band took a trip to Miller Park to watch the Brewers play against the Arizona Diamondbacks. We left after 12 innings to go soundcheck and the game apparently stretched on through 15 innings. Next town: Chicago.

4/17/04 - bucket of hail on wheels
The CD release party was fantastic. Thanks to Leah for the pics.

4/16/04 - 3 days left
Today various people spent several hours testing out different microphones in what was called the 'mic shootout.' As many as 14 different condenser microphones were plugged in, cranked up, and judged in numerous catagories, which included sound quality, feedback resistance, durability, and sex appeal just to name a few. The critique session left the group with some difficult choices, but in the end 2 tube mics and one non-tube emerged as the favorites. The panel settled on the Audio-Technica 4060 for this particular room. Later in the afternoon, preparations began for the CD release party and the band was presented with a cake.

4/14/04 - 6 days left
today King Wilkie got started bright and early, appearing live on WNRN for half an hour. The band was cold, tired, and wet....but sounded great none the less. If you didn't catch this live broadcast or you don't live in Virginia, there are plenty of other chances to hear King Wilkie live on the radio in the coming days: Sunday, April 18th 3PM EST WOUB in Athens, OH. Tuesday, April 20th 2PM EST WCBE in Columbus, OH. Wednesday, April 21st 11CST WORT in Madison, WI. Sunday, May 2nd 2PM PST KPFA Berkeley, CA. Sunday, May 2nd 3PM EST WVTF Virginia/Tennessee (prerecorded performance/interview.) ahhh, the magic of the radio...