Hello everyone. Just to let you know we just wrapped up 2 weeks of lockup in our new home/rehearsal space, working on new songs. We think this new stuff is great. The new songs will probably be kept under wraps during upcoming road shows as the songs are still finding themselves with the help of recording equipment we have at home. But be assured, progress is happening and we�re trying to make these new songs available in the near future� Thats really all thats been happening. King Wilkie departs for Ireland in 36 hours. Should be a hoot.

8/3/05 - what day is it?
So sorry about the lack of updates. Everyone�s been out of their minds busy moving and arranging their lives for the next several months. ...started to get back on USA time today, but still pretty spacey. Couldn't believe the sheer variety and quantity of retail outlets and fast food places. America, holy cow. Yes, we are home.

France has been great. French food is delicious and the food at French shows is the best. Its not like festivals in America. There�s great cheese, the most amazing pastries and wine on the table everyday. Here are some touristy-type pictures. Concert pictures will follow.

8/1/05 - last minute date announced:
King Wilkie will play at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC on Saturday, August 13th. The show is free.