5/31/05 - in n out
we've now wrapped up the California shows. Everythings been great...to the best of my knowledge Los Angeles went simply smashingly. The same day we left LA we had a bit of a scare on a mountainside outside of Yosemite National Park. A young girl in a car came flying down the road towards us, barely avoiding two of our vehicles and nearly going off the side of a cliff herself. Thank god everybody is still here after that.... The Strawberry festival in Yosemite was fantastic.

5/17/05 - live dates
Just added:�.. look at them shows! new dates have been added in New York City, Northampton, Chattanooga, Nashville, Indianapolis, Minneapolis, Chicago, Lawrence, and Oklahoma City. All the shows on the tour page should now be fully up to date. see you around.

5/15/05 - carne adovada
It was quite a fiasco at the enchanted desert music festival in New Mexico on Saturday. Towards the end of our set, some wild weather blew in from the west. Wind and dust was swirling all around us, causing debris to blow up into the air. Amazingly nobody left their seat, even once the warm desert rain began to come down during our last song. The tarps were quickly deployed to cover everything electronic and the show was temporarily shut down. But like most storms in the desert, this storm blew over in a matter of minutes and everything was beautiful again, so the festival could resume fortunately. We however were exhausted and headed to the hotel after a very fine New Mexican meal.


King Wilkie will release a limited (2500 copies) 6 song EP, titled 'Tierra Del Fuego'. This new project was recorded in Nashville at House of David Studios, produced by Richard Mclaurin and Reid Burgess, and will be available from the band at shows and from the online store.
The EP contains 5 original songs and one cover, 'Juanita' by the Flying Burrito Brothers. Special guest Ben Keith (neil young's steel player) performs pedal steel and dobro on 2 songs. Reid describes the EP as "very high energy, yet steeped in tragedy." stay tuned for more details...

Track listing:
1. Wrecking Ball
2. Angeline
3. Boy From Richmond
4. Rockabye (Farewell Lonesome Dove)
5. Juanita
6. Billy Means' Blues

The lovely cover artwork, painted by Charlottesville artist Cynthia Burke, is revealed below.

Happy birthday Reid. Just got back from Merlefest. This was a huge and extremely well-run festival...the sea of people was tremendous. Reid celebrated on Sunday night with a large feast and a small group of dear friends.

4/27/05 - New Merch
New ladies T-shirts and King Wilkie postcards available in the online store. Thats all the news for now. . .

4/24/05 - New Photos
The photo gallery page has been updated...and a California tour update. King Wilkie will play one venue in southern Cal and the show will take place Friday, May 27th at King King Hollywood in Los Angeles. See all you pretty people there.

4/15/05 - Opry
King Wilkie will play the Grand Ole Opry on Saturday July 2nd.

4/14/05 - Harrisonburg, VA
Yesterday the band spent all day inside a theater testing out different sound devices and afterwards there was a brief performance. Thanks to jb for the pictures.

4/7/05 - what's the forecast?
This week King Wilkie put the final mixing touches on songs which will be released as part of a new limited edition EP. Everyone is exhausted and wishing that we had a home other than a hotel, but all things in time. We took a break from the studio and headed down to Atlanta for the band�s first show there in a very long time. Atlanta was fantastic, the band had a blast and now everybody will return to Nashville and get those mixes done. Stay tuned for more details.