3/31/05 - so late so sad
At the moment the band has six songs recorded and mostly mixed. This material should hit the surface some time this spring. Nick says: "We�ve been working on these songs for the last wee while. We�re going to write a few more and then we�re going to retreat into the Virginia countryside and record an album."

So, more information as events warrant.
take care

The gig at the Ark in Ann Arbor was fantastic and some funny things were given to/thrown at the band. There was a black feather boa which was intended for Reid, but being allergic to feathers, he obviously couldn�t wear it. Click below to see a video clip from soundcheck.

Soundcheck in Ann Arbor

Dial-up users beware: file-size 15MB

3/15/05 - brew city
King Wilkie is taking a couple days rest in Milwaukee WI and today visited the Milwaukee Art Museum. The temperature was brisk and the downtown waterfront area was fairly deserted aside from the many flocks of pigeons and ducks.
The songs recently recorded in Nashville are now in the mixing process. Tours are being planned and a few new California dates were just added for May 2005.

Day 5 in the studio. The recording is moving along nicely. This session should last about a week, and so far has been a quick and easy process aside from some technical glitches with the 16-track tape recorder �Bertha.� There is a strong indication that this recording will sound quite different from the last one.

King Wilkie is in a Nashville Tennessee recording studio hard at work on an upcoming project. So far its working out pretty excellently�..more soon.