5.9.07 - LCS Cover
The artwork for our new album is finished. Have a look at the cover below.

5.2.07 - Chapin Tour Canceled
The summer tour with Mary Chapin Carpenter has been canceled due to injury. King Wilkie will attempt to put together some replacement dates, so check back for new June/July shows.

Mary Chapin Carpenter released the following statement on her website:

On Friday, April 27, 2007, Rounder Records recording artist Mary Chapin Carpenter officially canceled her summer tour. She recently finished the Spring 2007 leg of The Calling tour during which time she experienced pain from a recent back injury. She was subsequently hospitalized for a pulmonary embolism, possibly as a result of her limited movement during the spring tour. Having been released on April 27 from Martha Jefferson Hospital, Carpenter is well on her way to recovery.

3.20.07 - welcome to spring
Ahh Spring. A time of growth. a time of change. a time of dripping slow devlopment and fresh new smells. a time for king wilkie to blossom and shine. the new album has a release date of June 26th. There will be some preview musical samples available soon. Lots of other things are shifting. The king wilkie facility is being evacuated and after a couple of great years, we're leaving our schoolhouse enviorns and traveling by boat somwhere. There are recently-added shows in Raleigh and Charlottesville in April, and much more coast-to-coast performing just around the corner, so keep checking back.
Jake will be exhibiting, performing, and playing bass as part of a ballet and performance-art tour during the next two weeks. Hopefully we'll receive a postcard or two from him.

Lastly, we're looking forward to launching a new website in the near future, so get your fill of this old black and orange while you still can.

Welcome to spring,
King Wilkie

3.12.07 - the ark and fitzgerald's
Poor Abe was heartbroken in his Ann Arbor hotel room after the set; this time the culprit was a broken banjo.

1.16.07 - Seafarers
We've got some new pictures from a recent photo shoot down in Cumberland Island and Savannah, Georgia. Here are some candid pictures from that trip.
Good Day,
King Wilkie

1.3.07 - Christmastimesacoming
2007 promises to be a big year for King Wilkie. The band is getting set to release their next album, titled Low Country Suite on Zoe Records. We're also proud to be working with many good new people here at HQ.

So, from all of us to you, have a happy holidays! We'll see you soon in '07.

thanks to Elaina & Taylor for the Christmas cookies

10.22.06 - greetings people
Following a curious series of events King Wilkie spent an entire evening as residents in a former high school turned cultural center near Hartford Connecticut.

8.30.06 - Recording Day 10
As summer stretches on and the sun intensifies in L.A., things are winding down here in the studio. We took a short break yesterday and worked on our studio tans at El Matador.

Next up: final mixes and recording the King Wilkie string section (Nick Reeb, viola; Howard Arn, cello) which should pretty much wrap things up for us.

Recording commenced today on the second album by King Wilkie.

Present for the session was the core band: John McDonald, Ted Pitney, Reid Burgess, Jake Hopping, Abe Spear, and Nick Reeb.

8.10.06 - New Album
There�s been talk in the KW camp recently about the next album, which isn�t finished but is being aimed for an early '07 release. Also, the kingwilkie.net forum is working again. Thanks to Brice for saving the site and making it spam-free.

6.22.06 - in n out
Greetings. The next couple of weeks will be busy trying to figure out when and where to record this forthcoming album. Making demos at home seems to have run its course. We had a fantastic few days in California. Jake, Johnny and Reid decided to take a car down the coastal route from San Francisco to LA and fly out from there.

5.9.06 - tour update
Good Day,
Its about time for a post as we are sort of on tour, playing some shows with friends The Mammals.

4.16.06 - King Wilkie Plays With Ralph Stanley
Well, two shows with the legendary Ralph Stanley unfolded in 24 hours and it simply doesn’t get much better than that. Dr Stanley and the entire cast of Clinch Mountain Boys were very kind and...

There is a feature profile on King Wilkie in the April 2006 issue of Southern Living magazine. The article can be found online here.

3.1.06 - Dr. Ralph Stanley/King Wilkie NYC Tickets
Want to attend the April 14th show with Ralph Stanley and King Wilkie at Town Hall in New York City?

We've set aside two pair of tickets to be given away free of charge in a lottery. To be entered into this lottery, however, you must answer the following question correctly:

Town Hall was designed in 1921 by the same famous architectural firm responsible for the original Penn Station and Madision Square Garden in New York City, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Rosecliff in Newport, Rhode Island, and Old Cabell Hall in Charlottesville, Virginia. What is the name of this architectural firm?

Those who answer the question correctly will be entered into the lottery. The winning entries will be drawn at random. Send your answers to [email protected]. Please write "Trivia Contest" in the subject line.

1.27.06 - January Status Report
As of late we've been scuffling around our humble studio, getting our bearings on some new music and some new equipment. The first four shows of 2006 were refreshing and it felt extremely good to be playing again after a little winter hibernation.

12/21/05 - Holidays, Solstice, Messageboard
Please visit KINGWILKIE.NET where there is a new fan-operated message board waiting for you.

Have a happy holiday,
King Wilkie