1.27.06 - January Status Report
As of late we've been scuffling around our humble studio, getting our bearings on some new music and some new equipment. The first four shows of 2006 were refreshing and it felt extremely good to be playing again after a little winter hibernation. Sharing a stage with David Bromberg, Tony Rice and Peter Rowan (and their respective bands) was incredible. Each night we used a freakish new dual-vocal microphone setup which had some advantages. If we had to agree on a favorite show it would probably be the second night at the Sanders Theater in Cambridge. It�s hard to say why but everything fell into place that night.

A few nights back in Charlottesville there was something of a get together at our good friend Abigail Washburn�s show. Ted sat in (on lap steel) along with members of Old Crow Medicine Show, Blue Merle, and Gillian Welch�s fantastic collaborator David Rawlings. The show was great�one that might give you that twinge, that urge to make music and jump out on tour again, but alas we are off the road for the time being�
Wishing everyone a happy new year 2006.
Here�s to it all,
King Wilkie