7/27/04 - california
Saturday was the Wolf Mountain Festival in California. This was the last show of the long July tour. It was a good show, especially considering the rough day of travel (flying in from Colorado that day.) Quite possibly the best moment came when mandolin legend Frank Wakefield joined us onstage for the last two songs of the set.

7/25/04 - lyons, co
Friday was Rockygrass 2004, an amazing festival. They even had oxygen masks backstage which can come in handy when singing at high elevaion. Surprisingly, this was the band's first time ever playing in the state of Colorado, and not surprisingly, the rain followed us to this typically sunny spot. It poured during the entire set and contiued to rain steadily for the rest of the night. Reid, Ted, and John reported major mud and water-induced suit damage, but everybody had a great time and made it back to the hotel after a long soaking-wet evening. A hot shower made everything better and now we're on a plane to California where we play again tonight. Thanks Andrew for the photos.

7/21/04 - boston town
Tuesday night was an absolutely insane show at the Cantab in Cambridge MA. People packed into the venue like sardines ...Despite the heat and extra-tight quarters, the show was a real corker, and the kids from Boston and Cambridge seemed to enjoy themselves thoroughly! It was a great pleasure to play for this crowd in spite of the hysteria and overflow of people, and an even greater feeling to step outside afterwards!

7/19/04 - day off new york
Well, today finally marked the return of King Wilkie to New York City after far too long of an absence! New Yorkers came out in force to welcome the band back, and it was a grand sight to see, especially on a rainy Sunday evening. Special guest Dirk Powell joined the band on stage to twin fiddle some tunes. Everyone was grateful for the show of fan support after such a long time away. also thanks to Dirk and thanks too to James for the pics.

7/18/04 - my place motel
Another incredible year at the grey fox festival. Saturday night just after the King Wilkie set, one of the most spectacular and frightening thunderstorms anyone has ever seen came rolling in and dropped its full wrath on the festival. Earl Scruggs was performing and at one point he and his band took cover backstage and continued to play with a couple of microphones while the crowd 10,000 strong went nuts in the pouring rain. Amazing weekend. thanks to Andrea and Richard for the photos.

7/13/04 - the best never rest
Concert in Chicago was excellent. Thanks to Jonathan for the pics.

Yesterday morning King Wilkie performed on Fox news in Chicago. It was a crisp and clear morning, quite beautiful. The temperature was a bit chilly at 8:55am when we went live and the fingers were stiff, but it was a lot of fun and the camera/sound crew was wonderful. Today was a day off in Chicago....catching up on email, a short hotel room rehearsal, also a nice walk around the city/waterfront.

Here are pics from last Friday's concert in Charlottesville. Fortunately the rain held off for this one. Today the band travels to the windy city where we will be spending a few days.

7/5/04 - the exploder
On this independence day King Wilkie was in beautiful Orkney Springs, VA: originally a vacation spot which drew visitors to its warm springs with 'healing powers.' The town's historic hotel is a huge beautiful wooden structure which functioned as a hospital during the civil war. During the KW encore a vicious thunderstorm came out of nowhere and derailed the end of the song "Sad Prisoner's Blues," which we hadn't performed in a long time. The rain came pouring down, forcing the rapid deployment of the tarp system always on hand at these outdoor events to save the mixing consoles and other electric gear from certain death. Fortunately, the storm didn't last very long and the show got back on track with Tony Rice closing out the evening.