5.9.06 - tour update....explosions
Good Day,
Its about time for a post as we are sort of on tour, playing some shows with friends The Mammals. The tour began in Cleveland but started to pick up in Chicago which is where a two-band grand finale encore came together for the first time. While in Chicago we were hoping to go to a Cub's game but instead had to keep moving on towards Madison Wisconsin where one of our microphones blew up onstage. Do the equipment woes ever end? On the bright side, while in Wisconsin we bought for a bargain 2 gigantic tubes of fireworks, each containing 96 shots of aerial assault, which we later ignited on a hill overlooking downtown Minneapolis.

Today, we are in Miinneapolis on a day off, and had lunch at a french bistro complete with pate and wine and french onion soup. Lovely. Its been a terrific tour. Californiana fans, see you in a few weeks. The rest of you, hope to see you at one of our few shows this summer. With any luck, we're going to go make a record now.

Yours Truly,
King Wilkie