2.23.07 - Alexandria, VA
That felt good. We've had the tour anchor dropped for such a long time now, it feels like forever since we last played a satisfying show. Tonight there was a great crew working with us and Mr. Thomas hovering around, always having some reminder for us, or some instruction. He is, after all, the perfect sound engineer and perfect tour manager. Being bolstered with this kind of organization and supporting cast is amazing. The machine and the people who drive it. The punctuality. Tonight we weren't far from home, nor were we in the middle of a tour, but it gave us a hint of that nice taste.

There have been wild wind storms in Virginia, so I've been without heat, water, and power. This led to having a shower at the venue in the dressing room just before show time, which I discovered is the best way to start a show. Warm shower followed by teeth brushing, and you hit the stage like its 7:30am, fresh and ready to deliver. I hope that the show was ok.